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Beware in Summer 2023: Top Scams This Summer You Must Look Out For!

Stay vigĀ­iĀ­lant this sumĀ­mer. In this video, we expose the top scams this sumĀ­mer.

TheĀ­ses scams are:
1) The TimeĀ­share PurĀ­chase or Resale Scam, where buyĀ­ers and sellĀ­ers are tricked into fake transĀ­acĀ­tions.
2) The StuĀ­dent Loan ForĀ­giveĀ­ness Scam, which exploits debt-ridĀ­den stuĀ­dents.
3) The PhoĀ­ny Job Scam, where fraudĀ­uĀ­lent job offers are made.
4) The AmaĀ­zon Imposter Scam, which uses fake emails or sites to phish for perĀ­sonĀ­al details.
5) The AirBnB Scam, where false rental listĀ­ings are creĀ­atĀ­ed.
6) The TickĀ­etĀ­ed Event Scam, with scamĀ­mers sellĀ­ing non-exisĀ­tent tickĀ­ets.

Letā€™s proĀ­tect ourĀ­selves from these scams and spread awareĀ­ness. Always rememĀ­ber, scamĀ­mers nevĀ­er take the sumĀ­mer off. In fact, the sumĀ­mer is where they turn up their game. So, stay say safe this sumĀ­mer and watch out for the new wave of scams and scamĀ­mers.
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