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Beware of Scholarship Scams! 🚨 | Stamp Out Scams

**Title: Beware of Schol­ar­ship Scams! 🚨 | Stamp Out Scams**

Don’t fall for fake schol­ar­ship offers! With col­lege costs ris­ing, scam­mers are tar­get­ing stu­dents and par­ents with promis­es of free mon­ey. Learn how to spot and avoid these scams to pro­tect your iden­ti­ty and your wal­let. Join Rebec­ca from Stamp Out Scams as she shares essen­tial tips to stay safe. Remem­ber, if it sounds too good to be true, it prob­a­bly is!

🔹 **Tips to Avoid Schol­ar­ship Scams:**
1. Research the offer.
2. Avoid upfront fees.
3. Use trust­ed sources.

Stay vig­i­lant and share this video to help oth­ers stay safe! Fol­low us for more scam pre­ven­tion tips. 💡🛡️ #Schol­ar­ship­Scams #Scam­Pre­ven­tion #StaySafe

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