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Beware of Vishing Scam: Learning from Andy Cohen’s Scam Experience!

Join us on ScamTV as Nick Hen­ley, a for­mer fed­er­al agent and scam pre­ven­tion expert, delves into the alarm­ing world of vish­ing scams.

This episode focus­es on the recent scam involv­ing Andy Cohen, host and exec­u­tive pro­duc­er of the Real House­wives fran­chise, who fell vic­tim to this sophis­ti­cat­ed fraud. Learn about the tac­tics used by scam­mers, how they exploit phone calls and cre­ate urgency, and why even the savvi­est indi­vid­u­als can be tricked.

Dis­cov­er key tips to pro­tect your­self, like the impor­tance of being skep­ti­cal about unso­licit­ed calls and the need for cau­tion in shar­ing per­son­al infor­ma­tion online. This edu­ca­tion­al and eye-open­ing episode empha­sizes the sig­nif­i­cance of stay­ing informed and vig­i­lant in an increas­ing­ly dig­i­tal world. Don’t miss these vital insights for safe­guard­ing your­self against vish­ing scams.

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00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:24 About Non-Prof­it ScamTV Chan­nel
01:08 Goal Of ScamTV And Stamp Out Scams
01:30 The Scam­ming Of Andy Cohen
01:50 Vish­ing Scam
02:29 Phis­ing + Voice = Vish­ing
03:13 Explore How Vish­ing Works
03:31 Scam Starts With A Phone Call
03:55 Had Access To Cohen’s Finan­cial Infor­ma­tion
04:27 List of Ques­tions Banks Nev­er Ask Cus­tomers
04:46 ABA Cor­rect Site Address: WWW.BANKSNEVERASKTHAT.COM
05:10 Real Fraud Alerts Usu­al­ly Start With A Text
05:24 Real Fraud Alert Text Sam­ple
05:47 Real Fraud Alerts Nev­er Say A Rep Will Be Con­tact­ing You
06:15 Be Care­ful Of All Bank Phone Calls. Need To Ver­i­fy
06:30 Spoof­ing Apps
07:37 Scam­mers Trick Vic­tims Into Set­ting Up Call For­ward­ing
08:36 Scam­mers Usu­al­ly Pose As A Bank Or Telecomm Rep
09:28 Bank Fraud Alert Team
10:32 Vish­ing Scam­mers Mon­i­tor Social Media Posts
11:01 Vish­ing Is A Big Prob­lem
11:49 Scam­mers Us Social Engi­neer­ing
12:14 Be Skep­ti­cal
12:49 Edu­cate Your­selves
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