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Building The Perfect Date Using Artificial Intelligence! Romance Scams

In today’s video, we explore whether build­ing the per­fect date using arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence. Is it pos­si­ble to induce a per­son, male or female, into falling in love with some­one who is not human.…but total­ly con­struct­ed using arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence.

We decid­ed to explore this pos­si­bil­i­ty after receiv­ing an e‑mail from a woman who claimed she had fell head over heels in love with a man, whom she now sus­pect­ed of being total­ly AI! This woman found her­self cap­ti­vat­ed by the charms and charis­ma of this man she met online. Lit­tle did she know, she was unknow­ing­ly inter­act­ing with an AI man. Once she con­front­ed her prince charm­ing with her sus­pi­cions, he did what most scam­mers do in this sit­u­a­tion, he ghost­ed her!

In our video, we will demon­strate just how easy it is to cre­ate the per­fect male by using arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence. From the poem he wrote her, to the numer­ous texts, and infre­quent in-per­son calls, to his pic­ture-per­fect per­son­al shots, he seemed like the per­fect man. But was he???

We hope to pro­vide an in-depth fol­low-up video to address what you can do if you sus­pect you are being scammed by an AI guy or AI gal.

00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:28 E‑Mail From Woman About AI Guy
01:17 It Was All Too Good To Be True
01:39 Is This Guy Even Human
02:12 After She Con­front­ed Scam­mer, He Ghost­ed Her
02:53 AI Is Not The Future Any­more, It Is The Now
03:43 Chat­G­PT
05:22 AI Cre­at­ed Love Poem
06:56 AI Gen­er­at­ed Pro­file Pic­ture
08:05 Col­or Bar On AI Gen­er­at­ed Pho­tos
08:43 AI Voice Cloning
09:52 Scam­mers Using Sound­boards For Cloned Voic­es
10:39 Many Romance Scams Come Out Of Ghana In West Africa
11:13 This Is A Mod­ern AI Les­son For All
11:47 Please Like And Sub­scribe To ScamTV
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