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Cartel Timeshare Fraud: Cracking The Code & Revealing The Truth

Wel­come to Scam TV and our com­pre­hen­sive video on time­share scams. In this video, we focus on a spe­cif­ic vari­a­tion of time­share scams that tar­gets seniors who already own a time­share, whether or not they are look­ing to sell.

These scams are dif­fer­ent from the typ­i­cal time­share scams where vic­tims are deceived into buy­ing a time­share while on vaca­tion. Instead, this vari­a­tion involves crim­i­nals, often over­seen by Mex­i­can drug car­tels, who prey on exist­ing time­share own­ers.

Key Points Cov­ered:
— **Under­stand­ing the Scam**: How these scams oper­ate and why seniors are prime tar­gets.
— **Tac­tics Used by Scam­mers**: The meth­ods and high-pres­sure tac­tics used to deceive vic­tims.
— **The Role of Drug Car­tels**: Insight into how orga­nized crime groups are involved in these scams.
— **Pro­tect­ing Your­self**: Prac­ti­cal tips and advice on how to safe­guard against these scams.
— **FBI Warn­ings**: Recent alerts and warn­ings issued by the FBI regard­ing the rise in time­share scams.

Stay informed and vig­i­lant to pro­tect your­self and your loved ones from these decep­tive prac­tices. Watch the full video to learn more about how to rec­og­nize and avoid falling vic­tim to time­share scams.

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‑About Us: Scam TV is ded­i­cat­ed to edu­cat­ing and pro­tect­ing indi­vid­u­als from var­i­ous types of scams. With years of expe­ri­ence in fraud inves­ti­ga­tion and pre­ven­tion, our mis­sion is to empow­er you with the knowl­edge to stay safe.

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Stay safe and scam-aware!
00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:19 Scam Tar­gets Seniors Who Own Time­shares
00:39 FBI Warns of Time­share Scams
01:03 Scam­mers Con­duct Exten­sive Research
01:29 Use of High-Pres­sure Sales Tac­tics
02:00 Dev­as­tat­ing Impact
02:11 Mex­i­can Car­tels Involved
03:12 Scams Insti­tut­ed Remote­ly
04:22 Jalis­co New Gen­er­a­tion Car­tel
05:07 Amer­i­can Resorts Devel­op­ment Asso­ci­a­tion
07:29 If You Sus­pect A Scam
08:13 Con­sumer Finan­cial Recov­ery Options
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