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FTC Alert: Free money on social media? Nah. It’s a scam

🚨 Don’t Fall for Social Media Give­away Scams! 🚫🎁 #Sca­mAlert #StaySafeOn­line

Ever won­dered if those social media give­aways are legit? Spoil­er alert: they’re not! 😱 Scam­mers are pre­tend­ing to be lot­tery win­ners, entic­ing you to mes­sage them for a share of their win­nings. But wait! 🛑 They’ll ask for your phone num­ber and even demand gift cards to cov­er fees. 🚩

Shar­ing is car­ing, and by spread­ing the word about these scams, you’re help­ing oth­ers stay safe. 🙌 Remem­ber, report scams at 📢 FTC com­ments are pub­lic records, so let’s keep it respect­ful and avoid shar­ing per­son­al info in the com­ments sec­tion. ⚠️

Sub­scribe to our chan­nel for more tips on avoid­ing scams and stay­ing safe online. 📺 Let’s out­smart these scam­mers togeth­er! 💪 #Sca­mAware­ness ##Stam­pOutScams #shorts

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