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FTC Scam Spotlight: Sham Charity Turns The Big C Into A Big Con!

Sham Char­i­ty Deceives Can­cer Fund Donors!

In today’s cru­cial video, we’re shed­ding light on a press­ing issue brought to our atten­tion by the FTC – a char­i­ty scam that’s been deceiv­ing well-inten­tioned donors across the nation. Titled “Sham Char­i­ty Turns the Big C into a Big Con,” this exposé reveals the har­row­ing truth behind a so-called can­cer char­i­ty that promised aid to strug­gling patients but deliv­ered noth­ing but deceit.

Gen­er­ous indi­vid­u­als, moved by sto­ries of women bat­tling breast can­cer and in dire need of finan­cial assis­tance for rent and util­i­ties, opened their hearts and wal­lets. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the real­i­ty was grim: bare­ly a pen­ny of every dol­lar donat­ed reached those in need. The FTC, along with ten state part­ners, has tak­en legal action against the Can­cer Recov­ery Foun­da­tion Inc (CRFI), unmask­ing it as a sham orga­ni­za­tion that exploit­ed the good­will of donors for its gain.

The shock­ing inves­ti­ga­tion reveals that the over­whelm­ing major­i­ty of dona­tions were fun­neled to the char­i­ty’s fundrais­ers and its exec­u­tive direc­tor, Greg Ander­son, rather than aid­ing can­cer patients. Out of the stag­ger­ing $18.25 mil­lion col­lect­ed, a mere 1% found its way to the intend­ed recip­i­ents.

This video is not just a cau­tion­ary tale but also a guide on how to safe­guard your gen­eros­i­ty from falling into the wrong hands. We’ll walk you through the steps rec­om­mend­ed by the FTC for donat­ing safe­ly, includ­ing tak­ing your time to research the char­i­ty, under­stand­ing the finan­cial allo­ca­tion of your dona­tion, and the red flags sig­nal­ing a scam.

More­over, we empha­size the impor­tance of pay­ment meth­ods when donat­ing. Avoid trans­ac­tions through cash, gift cards, wire trans­fers, or cryp­tocur­ren­cy, as these are pre­ferred by scam­mers. Opt­ing for cred­it card pay­ments can offer addi­tion­al pro­tec­tions.

Spread the word by shar­ing this video and our info­graph­ic to help pro­tect oth­ers from falling vic­tim to char­i­ty scams. For more infor­ma­tion and resources on iden­ti­fy­ing gen­uine char­i­ties and ensur­ing your dona­tion makes a real impact, vis­it

Remem­ber, your desire to help should nev­er be exploit­ed by unscrupu­lous indi­vid­u­als. Stay informed, stay cau­tious, and let’s ensure our gen­eros­i­ty reach­es those who tru­ly need it.

ScamTV and Stamp Out Scams are not affil­i­at­ed with the FTC or any oth­er gov­ern­ment agency. This video, and oth­er videos on this chan­nel, are to help make the pub­lic aware of sham char­i­ties, such as the one out­lined in this video. We also seek to noti­fy the pub­lic of any oth­er cur­rent and past frauds as part of our scam pre­ven­tion efforts.

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