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I Am An Identity Theft Victim Part II: You Need To Hear This Real-Life Horror Story! Very Scary!

This is part of a real-life iden­ti­ty theft sto­ry. It is a sad, but very real sto­ry of the impact of iden­ti­ty theft on us all. It weaves an extreme­ly cau­tion­ary tale on how not only can we be vic­tim­ized by iden­ti­ty thieves, but by the insti­tu­tions that are sup­posed to exist to pro­tect us.

Hear this vic­tim’s bat­tle with law enforce­ment, banks and cred­it card issuers dur­ing her iden­ti­ty theft expe­ri­ence. Also learn about the men­tal anguish that this iden­ti­ty theft episode caused the vic­tim. Men­tal health reper­cus­sions are the often over­looked col­lat­er­al dam­age iden­ti­ty theft can cause vic­tims.
00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:40 Iden­ti­ty Theft Part 1 End­ing Recap
02:27 Iden­ti­ty Theft Sur­vey Expos­es Num­ber Of Iden­ti­ty Theft Loss­es
03:46 FBI Com­plaint Cen­ter Recieves 51,529 Iden­ti­ty Theft Com­plaints In 2021
04:13 Iden­ti­ity Theft Takes An Emo­tion­al Toll
05:55 Iden­ti­ity Theft Night­mare Con­tin­ues
07:28 Try­ing To Get Law Enforce­ment Coop­er­a­tion
08:59 My Case Was Marked As Pend­ing
09:34 Iden­ti­ty Theft Cas­es Are Dif­fi­cult For Law Enforce­ment
11:02 My Iden­ti­ty Theft Christ­mas Call
12:01 Feel­ing Like The Hero­ine In A Noir Nov­el
12:18 I Feel Like I have Been Vic­tim­ized Twice
12:50 Unfroze My Cred­it And The Night­mare Returns
14:03 Don’t Blame Myself. Not Some­thing I Could Have Pre­vent­ed
14:28 Maybe A Anoth­er Video Address­ing My List Of Out­rages
14:58 View­ers Please Learn From My Expe­ri­ence
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