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Love’s Dark Side: Unmasking the Global Hot Spots of Romance Scams!

Wel­come back Scam TV! In today’s episode, we are unmask­ing glob­al hot spots of romance scams. Yet again, we are tack­ling a sen­si­tive sub­ject that has impact­ed mil­lions glob­al­ly — Romance Scams.

With the rise of the dig­i­tal age, love has found a new play­ground, but so have fraud­sters. In this video, we delve deep into the roots of where most romance scam­mers come from and how they oper­ate. We aim to cre­ate aware­ness, bring insights, and arm you with the knowl­edge you need to stay safe online.

We explore the most noto­ri­ous hotbeds of romance scams. In this video, you will learn just where the major­i­ty of romance scam­mers come from. You will be both shocked and sur­prised to learn just where these scam­mers are ply­ing their dirty trade.

Remem­ber, knowl­edge is pow­er. The more we know, the bet­ter we can pro­tect our­selves and our loved ones from falling vic­tim to these heart-break­ing scams.

In this video, we uti­lize footage from Nat Geo’s, Traf­fick­ing With Mar­i­ana van Zeller. A link to the full episode of this fan­tas­tic show is locat­ed below. Please like and sub­scribe to Nation­al Geo­graph­ic’s YouTube chan­nel.

Traf­ficked With Mar­i­ana van Zeller Link:
00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:33 Where Do Romance Scam­mers Come From
01:25 How Much Mon­ey Have Scam­mers Scammed From Vic­tims
01:51 Report­ed Loss­es From Romance Scams
02:44 Where Do Yout Think Most Romance Scam­mers Come From
03:16 Where Do Most Romance Scam­mers Come From
03:50 A Large Major­i­ty Of Romance Scam­mers Come From…
04:11 Footage From Traf­ficked, With Mar­i­ana van Zeller
05:02 Ghana In West Africa
07:39 Nige­ria Close Behind Ghana In Romance Scam Trade
08:01 Recent Arrest In USA Of Female Romance Scam­mer
08:31 Mona For Real AKA Mona Faiz
09:06 Real Name Mona Faiz Mon­trage
09:43 More Videos To Come About Under­world Of Romance Scam­mers
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