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Realistic graphic for completing the signup submission form for 'Stamp Out Scams', featuring a detailed mailbox with letters, a 'Submit' button, vibrant colors, and security icons in the background.

Newsletter Sign-Up

Why Our Newslet­ter Can Help You!

Thank you for your inter­est in join­ing the Stamp Out Scams com­mu­ni­ty! On this Newslet­ter Sign-Up page, you can sign-up to receive the lat­est scam alerts, pre­ven­tion tips, and exclu­sive con­tent deliv­ered straight to your inbox. Our mis­sion is to keep you informed and pro­tect­ed against the ever-evolv­ing land­scape of scams.

How Our Newsletter Works

  1. Month­ly Updates: Receive a curat­ed newslet­ter once a month, packed with valu­able infor­ma­tion.
  2. Scam Alerts: Stay ahead with time­ly alerts about new and emerg­ing scams.
  3. Expert Advice: Get insights from indus­try experts on how to safe­guard your­self and your loved ones.
  4. Com­mu­ni­ty Sto­ries: Read inspir­ing sto­ries from peo­ple who have suc­cess­ful­ly avoid­ed or dealt with scams.

Why Sign Up?

  • Stay Informed: Knowl­edge is pow­er. Our newslet­ter ensures you’re always updat­ed on the lat­est scam trends.
  • Exclu­sive Con­tent: Gain access to in-depth arti­cles, how-to guides, and video tuto­ri­als not avail­able else­where.
  • Sup­port a Good Cause: Your sub­scrip­tion helps us con­tin­ue our mis­sion to edu­cate and pro­tect the com­mu­ni­ty from scams.

Join Us Today!

Sign up now and become part of a proac­tive com­mu­ni­ty ded­i­cat­ed to scam pre­ven­tion. Togeth­er, we can make a dif­fer­ence and stamp out scams for good.

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Newslet­ter Num­ber 1: June 2023

Stamp Our Scams Newslet­ter # 1

For more scam pre­ven­tion infor­ma­tion and guid­ance, please vis­it our YouTube Chan­nel and our emerg­ing new sep­a­rate scam pre­ven­tion chan­nel and web­site locat­ed at

Nick Hen­ley, Founder

What A Scam Victim Looks Like

On each of our “Impact of Giv­ing” pages, you will find the below pho­to gallery. We have named this gallery “What A Scam Vic­tim Looks Like.”
We include these pho­to gal­leries to serve as a stark reminder that these vic­tims look like your friend, your fam­i­ly mem­ber or just about any­one you might meet in pub­lic.   Remem­ber that if a scam can hap­pen to them, it can hap­pen to any­one.  Scam vic­tims don’t all look or sound the same.  They come in all dif­fer­ent shapes, sizes, eth­nic­i­ties, etc.
When it comes to becom­ing a vic­tim of a scam, it could hap­pen to any­one!  Scam­mers and scams do not rec­og­nize bound­aries and are only dri­ven by a poten­tial finan­cial reward.
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