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Protect Seniors from Scams: Report Scams & Fraud to FBI’s!!!

Have you ever received a phone call from some­one claim­ing to be a fam­i­ly mem­ber in need of help?

In this video short, we hear from one woman who was tak­en advan­tage of by a scam­mer. The caller claimed to be her grand­daugh­ter and said she need­ed mon­ey or she would be tak­en to jail. The woman went to the bank and with­drew the mon­ey, only to have the scam­mer take off with it.

This sto­ry is a reminder that any­one can be vul­ner­a­ble to scams like this. Also, be sure and report any scams to the FBI at Your infor­ma­tion is vital to law enforce­ment. It assists them in learn­ing how scams and scam­mers oper­ate. It can actu­al­ly assist in catch­ing scam­mers and putting them out of busi­ness.

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