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Romance Scam: How A Salt Lake City Woman Lost Her Heart And Her Wallet

In this video, we will hear from the actu­al vic­tim of a romance scam. This vic­tim footage is from a video pre­pared by the FBI. The FBI often pre­pares these type of videos, in coor­di­na­tion with real vic­tims, to assist in pre­vent­ing oth­ers from being vic­tim­ized by romance scam­mers.

This scam shown in this video, took place in beau­ti­ful Salt Lake City, Utah. In this romance scam sto­ry, not only did the smooth talk­ing scam­mer, who went by the name Gio­van­ni break this vic­tim’s heart, he man­aged to scam her out of over $500,000. With­in just three weeks of their ini­tial con­tact, Gio­van­ni pro­fessed his love for the vic­tim.

Our scam­mer Gio­van­ni told the vic­tim that he was an archi­tect and that he had to trav­el to Turkey for busi­ness. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it turned out that Gio­van­ni was just anoth­er con artist, using the work­ing over­seas romance scam script. Which by the way, is a com­mon part of a romance scam­mer’s script.

In the wake of her dev­as­tat­ing expe­ri­ence, this vic­tim is deter­mined to share her sto­ry pub­licly, in the hope of rais­ing aware­ness and pre­vent­ing oth­ers from falling prey to sim­i­lar scams.

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00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:16 Video About An Actu­al Vic­tim Of A Romance Scam
00:39 Scam Occurred In Salt Lake City, Utah
00:50 Scammed Vctim Out Of Over $500,000
01:02 Scam­mer Says He Is An Archi­tect & Trav­el To Turkey
01:28 Vic­tim Wants To Share Her Sto­ry Pub­licly
02:04 Romance Scam Vic­tim Tells Her Sto­ry
03:16 Total Amount Of Mon­ey He Received Was $530,000
03:40 Romance Scam Loss­es
03:51 FBI
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