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Romance Scam: The One About A Scammer Named ELIZABETH COLLINS

Many of the romance scam vic­tims we hear from are female. While many of the romance scam vic­tims are women, there are many male vic­tims out there. This video is about one of these unlucky male romance scam vic­tims.

Our vic­tim is a divorced male from Aus­tralia. His female scam­mer went by the name of Eliz­a­beth Collins. If you Google“JENNIFER COLLINS SCAM” you will find plen­ty of infor­ma­tion about her. Her back­sto­ry was that she lived in Aus­tralia. She con­nect­ed with our male vic­tim through When they first con­nect­ed, she told the vic­tim she was in Sin­ga­pore buy­ing mil­lions in jew­el­ry to start her own busi­ness.

You will have to watch the video to find out the full sto­ry. But I am sure you know how it ends! When you watch the video, we are sure you will rec­og­nize many of the same scam tech­niques used in many oth­er romance scams.

00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:18 I Was A Vic­tim Of A Romance Scam
01:02 Con­nect­ed With A Woman Named Eliz­a­beth Collins On Match
01:33 She Told Me She Was In Malaysia Buy­ing Jew­el­ry
02:23 All Mon­ey Trans­ac­tions Were By Mon­ey­Gram
02:40 Doc­tor Treat­ing Her After Car Acci­dent E‑mailed Me
03:07 When Try­ing To Board A Plane, The Goods Are Tak­en By Cus­toms
03:44 I Still Have All The Bank­ing Details She Gave Me
04:20 Instead Of Send­ing The Mon­ey, I Will Bring It To Malaysia
04:40 She Want­ed Me To Meet The Peo­ple From Ship­ping And Secu­ri­ty Com­pa­ny
06:08 How Do I Know If Any Of This Is Real
06:49 Real Fun Starts At Mel­bourne Air­port
07:42 Air­port Guard Breaks The News
08:33 Nev­er Was A Sign Of Eliz­a­beth Collins In Aus­tralia
09:10 Eliz­a­beth Collins Final Call
10:00 Malaysian Ship­ping Doc­u­ment
10:20 I Have Kept Every­thing She Ever Sent Me
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