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Romance Scam: The One About The Guy Who Called Himself JAMES MARES!

Wel­come to our reg­u­lar video series about “Romance Scams.” These sto­ries are told in the real vic­tim’s words, with the help of ani­ma­tion. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, romance scam sto­ries are abun­dant, so there is no lack of mate­r­i­al. We want to bring these sto­ries to life as much as pos­si­ble and let them be heard and seen by as many as pos­si­ble.

In this video, our vic­tim is scammed by an indi­vid­ual who calls him­self “James Mares.” In the inter­est of fair­ness, we do not know if this is the indi­vid­u­al’s real name and/or if a per­son named “James Mares” actu­al­ly exists. So Any resem­blance to actu­al per­sons, liv­ing or dead is pure­ly coin­ci­den­tal. How­ev­er, it is impor­tant to include any and all names used in these scams because they may be used repeat­ed­ly. Includ­ing these names in videos, blog post­ings, news arti­cles, etc. cre­ates con­tent that can be asso­ci­at­ed with oth­er ongo­ing scams.

If the actu­al per­pe­tra­tor of this scam rec­og­nizes his sto­ry in this video, we ask that you do the right thing and stop vic­tim­iz­ing inno­cent per­sons. Or for that mat­ter, any­one that is involved in romance scams, please turn your life around. You can start by stop­ping!

Please review our video chap­ters below. Often times this chap­ter names may trig­ger a mem­o­ry, pat­tern, name, etc. that was used in some oth­er scam. This can help iden­ti­fy pat­terns and doc­u­ment names that can be use­ful to oth­ers, includ­ing law enforce­ment.

00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:24 It Start­ed With A Sim­ple Hi
00:44 It Hap­pened In As Lit­tle As A Month
00:59 He Told Me He Could­n’t Cash His Final­ly Pay­check In Chi­na
01:32 Before I Knew It, I Was In Love With Him
01:44 My Friend’s And Daugh­ter Told Me It Was A Scam
02:14 I Allowed My Heart, Rather Than My Mind
02:26 He Got In Acci­dent On The Way To The Air­port
02:42 He Told Me He Believed My Prayers Had Saved Him
03:00 I Final­ly Woke Up To The Fact That I Was Being Scammed For Mon­ey
03:22 At This Point I Was Tired Of All The Dra­ma
03:40 I Reveived Numer­ous Friend Requests Since The Scam
04:00 I Have No Friends Who Can Under­stand My Expe­ri­ence
04:14 Hope­ful­ly My Sto­ry Can Help Oth­ers
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