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Romance Scammer Named Peaches Scams A Holocaust Survivor out of $2.8M!

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In this video, we unrav­el the heart-wrench­ing sto­ry of an 87-year-old Holo­caust sur­vivor who became a vic­tim of a devi­ous romance scam­mer, los­ing an aston­ish­ing $2.8 mil­lion in the process. This tale of deceit begins with the meet­ing of two indi­vid­u­als on a dat­ing site and morphs into a years-long scheme that shakes our belief in online love. This romance scam­mer lit­er­al­ly deceived this holo­caust sur­vivor out of his life sav­ings, and out of his house.

Our focus is on the romance scam­mer named Peach­es Ster­go. This romance scam­mer is a woman resid­ing in sun­ny Flori­da, who man­aged to play the inno­cent facade of a car­ing part­ner, all while slow­ly and sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly drain­ing her vic­tim’s life sav­ings. This dis­turb­ing series of events unfold­ed over a span of six to sev­en years, with the vic­tim, a res­i­dent of Man­hat­tan, none the wis­er until it was too late.

Fed­er­al pros­e­cu­tors from the South­ern Dis­trict of New York recent­ly brought this case to light, expos­ing the cru­el and cal­cu­lat­ed meth­ods employed by this romance scam­mer. This video aims to not only delve into the specifics of this case but also spread aware­ness about the dan­gers of online scams, espe­cial­ly tar­get­ing vul­ner­a­ble sec­tions of our soci­ety.

Join us as we explore how this heart­break­ing scam unfold­ed, the after­math for the vic­tim, and the even­tu­al legal pro­ceed­ings. The pain and suf­fer­ing inflict­ed by this romance scam­mer are immea­sur­able. This vul­ner­a­ble vic­tim was elder­ly and had already suf­fered immea­sur­able pain and grief dur­ing the holo­caust. Yes, as with all romance scam­mers, this did not mat­ter to Ster­go. She kept exploit­ing this vic­tim, until this was noth­ing left to give.

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Stay safe, and always keep your wits about you online!

Link to Peach­es Ster­go Indict­ment:

00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:22 Romance Scams Flour­ish­ing
00:55 Scammed 87 Year-Old Holo­caust Sur­vivor
01:21 Scam­mer Named Peach­es Ster­go
01:41 Infor­ma­tion For Video From Fed­er­al Indica­ment Out Of SDNY
02:24 More To This Sto­ry
03:10 Elder­ly Holo­caust Sur­vivor Suf­fers More Indig­ni­ties
03:33 Life Sav­ings Stolen
04:24 Ster­go Wants To Bor­row Mon­ey
05:03 Nev­er Received Pro­ceeds From Injury Set­tle­ment
05:49 Vic­tim Wrote 62 Per­son­al Check
07:10 Vic­tim Con­fides In Son
07:50 Ster­go Bought Numer­ous Prop­er­ties And Cars
08:39 Romance Scam­mer Has No Morals, As Usu­al
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