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Romance Scams: The One About The Scammer Using Artificial Intelligence

ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial intelĀ­liĀ­gence is everyĀ­where in the news today. While artiĀ­fiĀ­cial intelĀ­liĀ­gence can be used for good purĀ­posĀ­es, it can be used for bad purĀ­posĀ­es. In this video, we hear how a romance scamĀ­mer can use artiĀ­fiĀ­cial intelĀ­liĀ­gence in creĀ­atĀ­ing fake proĀ­file picĀ­tures on datĀ­ing webĀ­sites to deceive female vicĀ­tims. In a matĀ­ter of secĀ­onds, scamĀ­mers can creĀ­ate a handĀ­some male, picĀ­ture to use on any datĀ­ing site proĀ­file. These picĀ­tures are virĀ­tuĀ­alĀ­ly indisĀ­tinĀ­guishĀ­able from real male picĀ­tures. Most imporĀ­tantĀ­ly, for the scamĀ­mers, they have nevĀ­er been used in datĀ­ing site proĀ­files.

This video is not intendĀ­ed to be a recipe for romance scamĀ­mers in impleĀ­mentĀ­ing their scams. UnforĀ­tuĀ­nateĀ­ly, they have already found the useĀ­fulĀ­ness of artiĀ­fiĀ­cial intelĀ­liĀ­gence in impleĀ­mentĀ­ing their scams. The purĀ­pose of exposĀ­ing the use of artiĀ­fiĀ­cial intelĀ­liĀ­gence to creĀ­ate fake proĀ­file picĀ­tures by scamĀ­mers, is to make the pubĀ­lic aware that this is already occurĀ­ring.

The pubĀ­lic needs to be aware of the uses of artiĀ­fiĀ­cial intelĀ­liĀ­gence by scamĀ­mers. PreĀ­venĀ­taĀ­tive meaĀ­sures needĀ­ed to be takĀ­en in this new age of artiĀ­fiĀ­cial intelĀ­liĀ­gence. These meaĀ­sures will be addressed in our upcomĀ­ing videos.

00:00 IntroĀ­ducĀ­tion
00:19 I Am Good At Romance ScamĀ­ming
00:32 Use Of ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial IntelĀ­liĀ­gence In Online DatĀ­ing Site Scams
00:48 ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial IntelĀ­liĀ­gence Being Used To CreĀ­ate Art And Real Life Human PicĀ­tures
01:31 Romance ScamĀ­mers Use The Same Stolen ProĀ­file PicĀ­tures
01:52 OwnĀ­ers Of Stolen ProĀ­file PicĀ­tures Get AlertĀ­ed To Their Use
02:03 Turned To ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial IntelĀ­liĀ­gence To CreĀ­ate Unique ProĀ­file PicĀ­tures
02:21 ExposĀ­ing The Tricks Of The Trade Of Romance ScamĀ­mers
02:55 ScamĀ­mer Wants To Help Stop Romance ScamĀ­mers
03:07 ScamTV Video Short With Real And ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial IntelĀ­liĀ­gence GenĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ed PicĀ­tures
03:30 ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial IntelĀ­liĀ­gence GenĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ed PicĀ­tures GenĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ed Using Desired CharĀ­acĀ­terĀ­isĀ­tics
04:01 ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial IntelĀ­liĀ­gence GenĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ed PicĀ­tures Can Be EditĀ­ed Into NumerĀ­ous Scenes
04:20 IdenĀ­tiĀ­fy ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial IntelĀ­liĀ­gence PicĀ­tures VerĀ­sus Real PicĀ­tures
04:32 Answers To PicĀ­ture Online Quiz
05:27 AverĀ­age Score On PicĀ­ture IdenĀ­tiĀ­fiĀ­caĀ­tion Quiz Is A FailĀ­ing Score
05:40 ArtiĀ­fiĀ­cial IntelĀ­liĀ­gence Will Be ChangĀ­ing The Face Of How Romance ScamĀ­mers Work
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