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Scam Warning: Social Media Scammers Cheating People Out Of Money!

In this ABC News exclu­sive, take a look at the alarm­ing new warn­ing from the Fed­er­al Trade Com­mis­sion about social media scams. Amer­i­cans are being cheat­ed out of bil­lions of dol­lars, and it’s easy to fall vic­tim just by click­ing an ad.

The FTC’s new data shows that since 2021, con­sumers have lost a stag­ger­ing 2.7 bil­lion to social media scams.

To pro­tect your­self, experts sug­gest doing your home­work before send­ing mon­ey, read­ing reviews on mul­ti­ple sites, and check­ing how long the social media account has been active.

Don’t be a vic­tim of these scams — watch this video to learn more!

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