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Scammer Mind Games: How They Exploit Our Kindness Using Reciprocity

Scam­mer Mind Games. Wel­come to ScamTV by Stamp Out Scams Inc. Today’s video unveils a hid­den tac­tic scam­mers use: Reci­procity! This psy­cho­log­i­cal prin­ci­ple, often root­ed in kind­ness, becomes a weapon in the hands of fraud­sters.

Reci­procity is a fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ple in human inter­ac­tions, encap­su­lat­ing the expec­ta­tion that one good turn deserves anoth­er. Scam­mers exploit this prin­ci­ple by cre­at­ing a sense of indebt­ed­ness in their tar­gets, which can then be used to manip­u­late them into part­ing with their mon­ey, per­son­al infor­ma­tion, or even unwit­ting­ly aid­ing in the per­pe­tra­tion of a scams.

This is video 3 in our scam­mer mind games video series. The mind games used by scam­mers is just as impor­tant as the scams them­selves. So, please watch this video and gain insights on what psych games scam­mers are using to steal lots of mon­ey from inno­cent vic­tims.

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00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:38 Mind Games Used By Scam­mers
01:31 Scam­mers Use Mind Games Sucess­ful­ly
01:47 Prin­ci­ple of Reci­procity
02:12 Tac­tic Begins With An Act Of Kid­ness
03:02 Scam­mers Are Skilled At Esca­lat­ing Their Demands
04:13 Social Engi­neer­ing Scams
05:15 Next Trick Scam Trick Up: Com­mit­ment & Con­sis­ten­cy
05:57 Fight­ing Scam­mers With Knowl­edge
06:14 Scam­mers Have No Remorse
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