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Scams Against The Handicap: The One About The Wheelchair Trial Use!

Believe it or not, the handĀ­iĀ­capped comĀ­muĀ­niĀ­ty is a tarĀ­get rich popĀ­uĀ­laĀ­tion for scamĀ­mers. One of the most comĀ­mon scams against the handĀ­iĀ­capped is the imposĀ­tor scam. This is when someĀ­one posĀ­es as a trustĀ­ed indiĀ­vidĀ­ual, such as a govĀ­ernĀ­ment offiĀ­cial, and tells the vicĀ­tim that they owe monĀ­ey or have won a prize. The scamĀ­mer then presĀ­sures the vicĀ­tim into proĀ­vidĀ­ing perĀ­sonĀ­al inforĀ­maĀ­tion or makĀ­ing a payĀ­ment, often through preĀ­paid debĀ­it cards or wire transĀ­fers. This type of scam is parĀ­ticĀ­uĀ­larĀ­ly insidĀ­iĀ­ous because it often preys on the vicĀ­timā€™s fears and anxĀ­iĀ­eties, and can result in the loss of sigĀ­nifĀ­iĀ­cant sums of monĀ­ey.

AnothĀ­er type of scam that tarĀ­gets the handĀ­iĀ­capped is the teleĀ­marĀ­ketĀ­ing scam. This is when a scamĀ­mer calls the vicĀ­tim and tries to sell them prodĀ­ucts or serĀ­vices, such as a fake medĀ­ical device or a home secuĀ­riĀ­ty sysĀ­tem, that they do not need or that do not exist. The scamĀ­mer often uses high-presĀ­sure tacĀ­tics to conĀ­vince the vicĀ­tim to make a payĀ­ment, and the vicĀ­tim may not realĀ­ize that they have been scammed until it is too late.

Watch this video about how a memĀ­ber of the handĀ­iĀ­capped comĀ­muĀ­niĀ­ty was scammed. Get tips and advice from a handĀ­iĀ­capped scam vicĀ­tim. Hear about all about the ā€œwheelĀ­chair triĀ­al useā€ scam.

00:00 IntroĀ­ducĀ­tion
00:15 The HandĀ­iĀ­capped ComĀ­muĀ­niĀ­ty Is A VulĀ­nerĀ­aĀ­ble PopĀ­uĀ­laĀ­tion
00:52 HandĀ­iĀ­capped ComĀ­muĀ­niĀ­ty Is A TarĀ­get Rich PopĀ­uĀ­laĀ­tion
01:05 Imposter Scam
01:35 TeleĀ­marĀ­ketĀ­ing Scam
02:02 I Was Scammed By A TeleĀ­marĀ­keter
02:29 Free TriĀ­al Of A WheelĀ­chair Scam
03:00 ScamĀ­mer Demands Use Of Zelle
04:04 Sent MonĀ­ey Via Zelle
04:38 Told By Bank MonĀ­ey Sent By Zelle Is Not ReimĀ­bursable
05:12 HandĀ­iĀ­capped ComĀ­muĀ­niĀ­ty Is VicĀ­timĀ­ized By ConĀ­sumers Very Often
06:16 Eā€‘Mail Scams
06:45 NevĀ­er ProĀ­vide PerĀ­sonĀ­al InforĀ­maĀ­tion
07:04 Ignore UnsoĀ­licitĀ­ed Offers
07:41 Two-FacĀ­tor AuthenĀ­tiĀ­caĀ­tion
08:07 Scam Against The HandĀ­iĀ­capped Is A SeriĀ­ous ProbĀ­lem
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