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Senior Tech Scam:Exposing Tech Support Scams & A Real Life Tragic Tale

Wel­come back to ScamTV, your go-to source for the lat­est in scam pre­ven­tion and aware­ness. In this eye-open­ing episode, we dive deep into the decep­tive world of tech sup­port scams tar­get­ing our beloved seniors.

📌 What You’ll Learn:

1. **How Tech Sup­port Scams Work:** Dis­cov­er the tac­tics scam­mers use to trick seniors into believ­ing their com­put­er needs urgent repairs.
2. **Red Flags to Watch Out For:** Learn the warn­ing signs that can help you or your loved ones spot a tech sup­port scam before it’s too late.
3. **A Heart­break­ing True Sto­ry:** Hear a real-life trag­ic tale of how a senior was vic­tim­ized by a tech sup­port scam, and the dev­as­tat­ing con­se­quences it had on their life.

🔍 Why This Mat­ters:

Seniors are often the prime tar­gets for scam­mers due to their trust­ing nature and some­times lim­it­ed tech-savvy. By edu­cat­ing our­selves and our loved ones, we can help pro­tect them from these ruth­less crim­i­nals.

💡 Take Action:

— Share this video with your friends and fam­i­ly, espe­cial­ly the seniors in your life.
— Report sus­pi­cious calls or mes­sages to the appro­pri­ate author­i­ties.
— Vis­it our web­site []( for more resources and sup­port.

📞 Need Help?

If you or some­one you know is a vic­tim of elder fraud, we encour­age you to call the Nation­al Elder Fraud Hot­line at 833-FRAUD-11 (833–372-8311).
The hot­line is open Mon­day through Fri­day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. east­ern time. Ser­vices are avail­able for speak­ers of Eng­lish, Span­ish, and oth­er lan­guages.

We can Stamp Out Scams and pro­tect our loved ones from these mali­cious threats. Stay vig­i­lant and stay safe!

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00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:13 Senior Scams
00:26 Mar­jorie Bloom Los­es Life Sav­ings To Senior Scam
00:52 Scam­mer Per­suad­ed Vic­tim To Move Her Sav­ings
01:44 Scam­mers Advise Seniors Not To Tell Any­one
02:04 Scam­mers Mas­quer­ade As Tech Sup­port Spe­cial­ists
02:25 Scam­mer Tac­tics In Tech Sup­port Scams
03:11 Senior Frauds Dol­lar Los­es High
03:46 Frauds Deprive Seniors Of Basic Liv­ing Expens­es
04:31 Seniors Com­prise 60% Of Tech Sup­port Scams
04:50 Run Tech Sup­port Num­ber From Pop-Up In Google
05:35 Ask Lots Of Ques­tions Of Tech Sup­port Per­sons
06:16 Vic­tim Sues Her Bank
06:37 Vic­tim Rights Against Finan­cial Insti­tu­tions

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