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Top Lies Used By Romance Scammers: The Top Tricks Used To Scam Love!

The top lies used by romance scam­mers are exposed. In today’s video, we delve into the murky world of online romance scams, unveil­ing the most com­mon decep­tions used by these unscrupu­lous char­ac­ters.

Our data comes straight from the Fed­er­al Trade Com­mis­sion (FTC), which has metic­u­lous­ly com­piled a list of the top lies used by romance scam­mers.

Top of the lie list, used by 24% of romance scam­mers, is the heart­string-pulling tale of per­son­al tragedy: the scam­mer, or some­one close to them, is suf­fer­ing from a seri­ous ill­ness, has been injured, or even land­ed in jail. Their aim? To exploit your com­pas­sion and will­ing­ness to lend a help­ing hand.

Next, we look at the “finan­cial guru” scam, mak­ing up 18% of cas­es. Here, romance scam­mers pose as invest­ment tutors, promis­ing to turn your small sav­ings into a for­tune overnight. They may seem knowl­edge­able, but their only real aim is to emp­ty your bank account.

Tied at 18% is the false mil­i­tary per­sona and the “impor­tant deliv­ery” deceit. By pre­tend­ing to be a sol­dier on a remote assign­ment or a couri­er with a cru­cial deliv­ery, romance scam­mers play on your patri­o­tism or sense of adven­ture to gain your trust.

We also touch on the “whirl­wind romance” scam, where love-struck fraud­sters pro­pose mar­riage despite hav­ing nev­er met you in per­son. The promise of a sud­den, excit­ing change in life can be hard to resist.

Fur­ther down the list, we explore the nar­ra­tive of sud­den wealth, often in the form of gold. Romance scam­mers claim­ing they need your help to secure or share this wealth are mere­ly bait­ing the hook with the lure of greed.

The minor­i­ty of romance scam­mers, 6%, choose the life of iso­la­tion on an oil rig or ship as their back­sto­ry. Their phys­i­cal absence keeps you emo­tion­al­ly invest­ed while con­ve­nient­ly excus­ing them from ever meet­ing you.

Final­ly, we shed light on the chill­ing 3% who exploit their vic­tims’ trust to the extreme, solic­it­ing pri­vate pho­tos with the intent to black­mail.

Remem­ber, this video is not just about shar­ing shock­ing sta­tis­tics, it’s about rais­ing aware­ness and arm­ing you with the knowl­edge to stay safe in the dig­i­tal realm. Join us as we explore the dark under­bel­ly of online romance scams. Like, share, and sub­scribe to our chan­nel for more impor­tant updates. Stay vig­i­lant and keep safe online.

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00:00 Intro­duc­tion
00:18 Top Lies Told By Romance Scam­mers
00:35 Link To FTC Web­site In Video Descrip­tion
00:56 Com­mon Among Romance Scam­mers To Use Same Script Over & Over
01:21 Dol­lar Loss­es From Romance Scams In 2022
02:33 Top Lie Leader At 24% Is Damsel/Dude In Dis­ress
04:08 At 18%, is the finan­cial guru scam.
04:43 At 18%, is the I am a mem­ber of the mil­i­tary and cur­rent­ly sta­tioned far away.
05:03 at 18%, our next lie is the“I need help with an impor­tant deliv­ery” sto­ry
05:35 at 12% is the whirl­wind romance
06:20 At 7%, tales of sud­dent wealth
06:43 At 6%, is I am work­ing on an off­shore oil rig or ship
09:14 At 3%, black­mail using explic­it pho­tos
09:51 FTC romance scam­mer lie list is impor­tant to know
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